EFA-TRONIC® Control Box

EFA-TRONIC® at a glance

  • Three Bus systems
  • USB interface
  • Modular design
  • Protection class I/IP65
  • Compact
  • Vacuum-fluorescent display

Additional information

EFA-TRONIC® made by our engineers

EFA-TRONIC® Control Box

Optimised functionality, compact and modern design all describe our all new EFA-TRONIC® controller. Fully compatible, incredibly reliable and significant power reserves are amongst its many key features. The new controller is equipped serially with more than 20 inputs, along with three bus systems and enhanced security functions.

New: Control with the latest micro-electronics

Our new EFA-TRONIC® control boxes come fully equipped with the very latest generation of microprocessors, with its digital heart’ capable of processing numerous network data inputs; simultaneously coordinating the control circuits between motor, brake, drive, frequency converter, safety devices and your chosen activators.