Parking garages

  • High number of cycles with up to 250,000 operations per year.
  • Reliability combined with fast service and response times.
  • Insulated door leaf for themal insulation.
  • Door slats can be customised to facade colour.
  • Wide range of pulse activators.

    High-speed doors for parking garages

    Our specialist doors are quiet, fast and very reliable.

    Our high-speed doors for parking garages prevent unauthorised entry and ensure Cleanliness by keeping dirt outside. They also have a range of special equipment options: An insulated door leaf has a heat- insulating effect in winter, we can install various impulse generators and a visually matching pedestrian door next to the actual door. With their individual characteristics, such as compact dimensions for tight installation spaces or burglar-resistant equipment, the doors adapt to different conditions.

    Parking garages - doors

    High-speed spiral door EFA-SST® PS

    The fastest parking system door in the world

    Uniquely fast, secure and reliable – one more characteristic is now going to be added to the known features of EFAFLEX high-speed doors. Once again, our engineers have scored a real coup: They developed the EFA-SST® PS, a space-saving door particularly suited for parking and garage systems. The new construction can be installed even under minimal space conditions in the lintel or side frame.

    EFA-SST ® PS

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    High-speed turbo door EFA-STT®

    The transparent door

    Due to its laths which are made of crystal clear acrylic glass, the door leaf of the EFA-STT® is transparent at more than 70% - this fact makes it a worldwide unique high-speed door: robust but nevertheless completely transparent.

    At all passageways in company which are passed through from two directions, the clear view through the door offers decisive advantages: Accidents are prevented and smooth transport operations are guaranteed.


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    EFA- STT®

    High-speed spiral door EFA-SST®

    The new generation

    Worldwide increasing energy prices have prompted EFAFLEX to design completely new high-speed spiral doors as hall closure. The technically new design constitutes an improvement of the physical characteristics of the door leaf as well as an optimisation of the functionality.


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    High-speed spiral door EFA-SST® Efficient

    Space-saving and secure

    The EFA-SST® Efficient is a space-saving and springless high-speed spiral door, which was designed specifically for installations of restricted or limited dimensions. The highly insulating door blade, and the chain drive make the compact frame dimensions possible. The door is virtually maintenance-free due to the lack of any counterbalance. Owing to the selected drive system and the specialist equipment, the door has attained resistance class WK 2, meaning it automatically becomes intruder-resistant each time it is closed. There are a variety of applications for the EFA-SST® Efficient range, including internal use and as a secure hall closing door. Fitting it with an on-site canopy means that the high-speed door can also be installed externally.

    EFA-SST® Efficient

    EFA-SST® Efficient

    High-speed folding door EFA-SFT®

    Fast and robust

    Due to the horizontal folding movement of the high-speed folding doors, the full clearance height is immediately completely free. Doors of the F series open with high speeds and are extremely heavy-duty. They protect against noise and draft air, save energy and convince with good heat and sound insulating properties.


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