Automotive industry

Automotive industry

  • Expert with over 40 years of experience in the high-speed door sector, available in 65 countries worldwide.
  • High system availability and low maintenance failures prevent costly downtimes.
  • We offer individual door solutions for your application (e.g. AIDA or Profinet Safe) - our controls especially for motorists.
  • Rapid opening and closing speeds minimise heat loss and help save energy.

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Automotive industry

When it comes to high-speed doors for the automotive sector, we are experts: EFAFLEX has over 40 years of experience in the high-speed door sector and are available in 65 countries around the world. We offer a wide product portfolio as well as door solutions that are individually tailored to your bespoke requirements. Like all our high-speed doors, our solutions are geared towards a high number of cycles per year, have a long service life and, thanks to the fastest opening and closing speeds, ensure highly efficient processes and work flows as well as cost and energy savings.

Automotive industry - doors

High-speed spiral door EFA-SST®

The energy-saving door

EFA-SST® Premium reassures customers worldwide with its outstanding quality, stunning aesthetics, and exceptional performance. With the greatest attention to every technical detail, such as our EFA-THERM® laths or the sealing mechanism, unsurpassed sound and heat insulation is achieved.

EFA-SST® Premium

EFA-SST® Premium

High-speed turbo EFA-STT®

The transparent door with turbo speed

The transparent door leaf of the EFA-STT® offers a clear view for both internal and external applications. The installation of this door creates a bright, comfortable, and safe working environment. The lightweight door leaf enables outstanding operating speeds and thereby accelerates the logistics and manufacturing processes.



High-speed turbo rolling door EFA-STR®

The fastest vertically opening door in the world

The EFA-STR® reassures with its incredible speed, and durability. It uses a light, practically wear-free door leaf and provides optimal wind resistance. This flexible door is perfect for internal and external applications.



High-speed spiral door EFA-SST® MS

The fast machine protection door with a fixed curtain.

The high-speed spiral door EFA-SST® MS as a single-acting protective device fulfils all requirements for a safe and modern machine protection door. The homogeneous construction ensures exceptional performance in connection with high speed. The self-supporting basic construction together with the expandable floor supports allows a free-standing door installation.



High-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT®

The heavy-duty forklift door

The EFA-SRT® is a real allrounder!  It can be used as inside door or as additional hall closure. For each opening which is extremely often passed by forklift trucks, the high-speed roll-up door from EFAFLEX is a high-quality solution.

Robust plastic ropes and tension springs in the side members of the door hold the curtain under tension when opening and closing. Wind, negative pressure, heat or cold and draft air cannot affect the curtain: It is always in shape and can be wound up and unwound without any problems and at any time. The extraordinarily heavy-duty hangings are available fully transparent or in different colours.

EFA-SRT® Premium

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High-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT® MTL

The versatile solution for intralogistics

The EFA-SRT® MTL door, designed for intensive logistics applications, is an extremely flexible solution that offers a range of equipment and security configurations to meet your individual requirements. Depending on the application, with or without personnel (FTM / FTO), a number of options are available for adapting safety systems, drives and installation space, which offer a suitable solution for all applications within the scope of the Material  Transport Logistics (MTL) portfolio .



High-speed roll-up door EFA-SRT® MS

The fast machine protection door with flexible curtain

The EFA-SRT® MS high-speed roll-up door for machine protection, thanks to its space-saving and compact design, fulfils all requirements for optimum integration into the required protective device. Due to the lack of a weight compensation mechanism, the side frames are very narrow, which means that the amount of maintenance and wear is considerably reduced.