Vertical EFA-HVS® CR door

EFA-HVS® CR at a glance

  • Door leaf made of stainless steel
  • Almost airtight
  • Vertical movement
  • Opening up to 1.0 m/s
  • Closing up to 0.75 m/s
  • Up to 150,000 operating cycles p.a.
  • Standard sizes up to w=1,300mm x h=1,500mm

Additional information

The vertical door

The space-saving solution

When there is only few space or not space at all to the side, the sliding hatch EFA-HVS® CR is used which opens and closes vertically. The door leaf closes flush with the guides and closes hermetically. Typical areas of use of the EFA-HVS® CR are logistics, materials-handling technology as well as material and lift shafts in controlled zones. The door leaf of the hermetic vertical sliding hatch is also available as stainless steel finish, as option.